Sweat Lodge in Japan

Event details

  • Saturday | July 29, 2017 to Sunday | July 30, 2017
  • 3:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • 899 Shimogamo, Minami-Izu-cho, Kamo-gun, Shizuoka, Japan
  • 090-9323-4563

第一回 スエットロッジ・セレモニー with アイアン・イーグル・ジョー

7月29&30@ワンダーフォレストTERRA in 南伊豆


スエットロッジ・セレモニーは、古くからネイティブ・アメリカンに伝わる儀式の一つで、 人の内と外、魂 のヒーリング、浄化、そして成長を促すために、それぞれの部族のやり方で代々伝わってきた神聖な儀式です。母なる大地の子宮をかたどった、半円球のドームの中に真っ赤に焼いた石を入れ、水を注ぐことで、火と水のエレメントが結ばれ、蒸気となり、我々の奥深いところにアプローチをかけていきます。








On 29 & 30 July, Our Medicine man and Chief of Tanahuachi Kiva, Iron Eagle Joe will be leading the first Sweat Lodge Ceremony in Japan. This is a great opportunity for Iron Eagle, to share his knowledge and wisdom of the Red Road passed down from his ancestors to the brothers and sisters in Japan. This time we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Japanese ancestors, for being able to share this sacred ceremony of the elements of the fire and the water on a very sacred part of Japan, Izu. For those who are interested to join Iron Eagle with this first sweat lodge ceremony in Japan, please contact ironeaglejoe.injapan@gmail.com for details.

We herewith would like to especially express our gratitude to Mrs. Akiko Kaneko, the owner of the Wonder Forest TERRA in the south tip of the Izu Peninsula, for her kindness to letting Iron Eagle use her forest for this sacred ceremony.

The ceremony will start at 15.00 on 29 of July and will end the next day around noon. There will be a mini-lecture provided to learn about this ceremony before we enter the sweat lodge.

If enough people are interested, there might be an option to hold the ceremony also in the weekend of 5 & 6 August.

Also, if you are interested to receive any information about the upcoming Iron Eagle’s activities in Japan, please inform ironeaglejoe.injapan@gmail.com. We also welcome you to send us requests for private sweat lodge ceremonies, or other workshops to enjoy the vibration of Love of Iron Eagle. We’re sure that it will totally be a different experience than a normal school style lecture.