Buffalo Hump/Spotted Horse

Buffalo Hump/Spotted Horse. Member of the Council of Tanahuachi Kiva. He is a Chanuppa carrier and a Sundancer, completing his 9th year commitment this year. He is under the teaching and guidance of Iron Eagle Joe, Glen Sweet Prairie Grass of the Pima Nation, Carl of the Navaho Nation and Roni of the Shipiboshas. He have been practicing yoga for 21 years, and has been a certified yoga instructor since 2004. . His love is for the Red Road and he holds it dear to his heart. He loves the path of medicine and has great respect for the sacred purpose it serves. He is committed to purifying himself and being in service to the Great Spirit for the healing and awakening of all relations and consciousness through unconditional Love. This is his passion and his purpose that he works every day.