• Sep2015

    Inipi, un análisis médico.

    September 11, 2015

    http://www.onirogenia.com/chamanismos/beneficios-del-temazcal/ La Cabaña de Sudor, temazcal o inipi es una terapia poderosa de vinculación con la tierra y nos alimenta el despertar de nuestra memoria ancestral. Pero además del trabajo para nuestro espíritu, este círculo de medicina, nos regala hay muchos beneficios en lo físico. Actualmente se sabe que el

  • Water Ceremony celebrated on september 5th/2015. During this ceremony and after representing the native nations from the American Continent in Japan invited by the Emoto Foundation; Joe Iron Eagle was invited to belong to the Emoto Peace Project/Chapter USA. The water was treated with energy, blessings, songs and mantras by

  • By Matthew Gaines “Buffalo Hump” “Spotted Horse” All of existence, all of creation – ourselves included, is made up of vibration and energy. These are just words being used to convey a certain perspective, with the intent to explain a process of healing through the use of sound and vibration.

  • Mar2015

    Inipi (The sweat lodge)

    March 13, 2015

    Taken from the following URL adress on the Crystalinks website http://www.crystalinks.com/sweatlodge.html Here is a great article about the INIPI (Sweat Lodge). The sweat lodge (also called, Inipi, purification ceremony, sweat house, medicine lodge, medicine house, or simply sweat) is a ceremonial sauna and is an important way of life for