By Matthew Gaines

All of existence, all of creation – ourselves included, is made up of vibration and energy. These are just words being used to convey a certain perspective, with the intent to explain a process of healing through the use of sound and vibration. Our bodies, all the cells that form our body inside and out, all the matter that makes up the content of the universe is all being held together individually, and collectively by vibration and sound.

We use the vibrational and energetic elements of sound through playing various instruments, weather individually or various combinations at a time, as well as chanting, drumming and singing to work with energetic and vibrational patterns that are stuck or otherwise creating some kind of an imbalance in ones life. This could look like disease physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, or imbalances in other aspects of ones life with relationships, or anything else someone may need guidance on, as well as possibly a soul’s healing and evolution. All of these attributes and experiences are all the result of different frequencies of vibration and energy coming into play. The imbalances and disharmonies in ones life are created by the consciousness of the individual via life long conditioned, chosen beliefs, perceptions and identities that have been developed from fear based ideas, or unresolved traumas, grievances and other issues.

Ultimately each person’s experience of reality and the entirety of life is a result of their energetic and vibrational frequency, which is always under the command of free will. This means the state, or experience of any individual is the result of their choice. Everything is up to the individual to create the quality of energy and vibration they want to be functioning and experiencing life in. Regardless of any relationship they have to anyone or anything, or any circumstance or event occurring. It is an awakening to the simple power of awareness and choice, and a practice of retraining the mind from

The energy and vibration being conducted through playing instruments, drumming, chanting and singing create different frequencies of vibration and energy that manipulate and work with the other energies and vibrations  of someone’s consciousness, which are highly beneficial for anyone’s spiritual development and awakening.

To reach higher and more expansive states of awareness spiritually it is highly advantageous for us to use the tools that can assist our atonement of vibrational frequency to be tuned in to that of our true nature. The frequency of our higher, true self. The Christ within, the Buddha within, whatever you want to call it. “It” is there – as we were all created, without the colorings and coverings of illusion we have used to cover over the truth of who we are. No masks, living authentically, freely, from the heart with the mind as the heart’s servant. Creating as our heart leads us through our purpose, which is comprised of gifts and talents being practiced, strengthened, offered and shared. It is a passion from the heart because it is what you love to do. It is your heart’s true desire in life.

In ceremonies for healing the chanting, the singing, the drumming, and the playing of other various instruments all have a certain quality of vibration and frequency that are being contributed to the participants healing. The instruments and sounds serve as tools that conduct energy and vibration to be used in a way that is medicinal to the participants entire being and consciousness. It works on the level of vibrational frequency, which effects the emotional frequency, mental frequency and spiritual frequency.

This is where intention of the participant comes in and is very important, because there is no healing to anyone without that person’s willingness. Healing is never forced. So the participant must be very clear about their intention, or what their prayer is, and be willing to go through the healing without any expectations as to what that entails. A real willingness is required.

This is also where the integrity and level of consciousness and vibrational frequency the medicine man or shaman is functioning from is very very important. Since the shaman or medicine man is the one being used as the conduit of the Great Spirit, the Great Spirit is the one orchestrating and conducting the energy through the music and the medicine songs and whatever medicine plant spirit is being used for particular ceremonies for healing this one must be pure of heart, mind and soul for the intent of being inservice to the Great Spirit for the highest good of all. For the healing and awakening of consciousness. And this is what happens, because the sound being produced and conducted a certain way, based on the type of energy and vibration needed, is what effects each person in their specific and individual way, which is unique to their personal healing. Everyone gets exactly what they need, and each person receives something different and similar to that of everyone else in the ceremony. It is the medicine of the soul, which cuts through the mind and opens the heart.

It is important to be clear that no one heals any one. People heal themselves when they are truly willing and ready to be healed. No one can induce a healing on another without that person’s permission and willingness. And even then the one who is conducting the healing is doing exactly that – conducting. They are simply being used as a conduit for the Great Spirit (called many other things) to work through and heal the one who is truly, in their heart, ready for their healing. Only the Great Spirit can heal anything, and when we become clean and more whole from our willingness to be healed by the Great Spirit we become more clean and clear to be used as the conduit that will serve the Great Spirit in the healing and awakening of consciousness to wake up to itself as the extension of the Great spirit and in harmony with the Great Spirit as it’s extension. When someone becomes wholly willing to be healed the Great Spirit will use everything and anything for that person’s healing to be complete. The Great Spirit works through the vibration and energy of instruments being played, medicine songs sung as well as drumming and chanting all get used to bring the willing individual back in harmony with their true nature and the universe. This allows them to have a clear connection and awareness of their connection to the Great Spirit – the source of their existence and all of creation. As the individual acknowledges this and continues to develop the awareness to their undeniable connection life becomes richer and more fulfilling in ways that were unimaginable.

Original content redacted by Matthew Gaines.
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